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BMI Calculator

The Body Mass Index(BMI), also referred to as "Body Mass Indicator", is a fast and effective obesity measurement all over the world. This BMI Calculator helps you quickly understand your BMI value and BMI level in a minute!

The Indication for BMI Range:

BMI Range
Less than 16.5
Serverely Underweight
16.5 - 18.5
18.5 - 25
25 - 30

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Using the BMI Calculator

BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculated number that provides an indicator of a person’s body fat. The number is calculated according to a person’s weight and height. This is an essential factor to be considered when prescribing diets to persons with health problems. It is also an excellent indicator for those who worry about their total body fat. The BMI provides an approximation of the total body fat of a person. They can decide the different kind of exercise they need based on their BMI. For example, a person with extra body fat should reduce cardio exercises and concentrate on lowering body fat by lifting weights and other fat burning exercises. Any exercise regimen requires a doctor’s approval and a professional fitness expert’s input. The doctor weighs other factors such as skin-fold thickness measurements, family history, current medical conditions, diet and exercise and then prescribes the most suitable exercise regimen. A BMI calculator determines a person’s body mass index.

How is BMI Calculated?

The calculation of the BMI is a straightforward process. It is the same for adults and children. The formula for body mass index was designed by a Belgium statistician known as Adolphe Quetelet. BMI can be measured in kilograms and meters or centimetres, or it can be measured in pounds and inches. When using the metric system a person divides his weight in kilograms by his height in metres squared. When using the imperial formula, weight in pounds is divided by height in inches squared. This is then multiplied by 703. There is no difference between BMI calculator for women and for men. Women 20 years and older can determine their body mass index by using the BMI calculator. This is different for children. When calculating children’s BMI, age and sex are factors that are taken into consideration. The easiest method of calculating a person’s BMI is to use an online BMI calculator. A person can simply enter the weight and height, and the calculator provides a figure.

Interpreting BMI

The interpretation of BMI requires a table. This table provides users an indication of whether their BMI is normal or require medical intervention. For example, an underweight person will have a BMI of 18.5 or lower. These persons may require medical consultation to determine the requirement of a diet to gain weight. Low body mass increases the risk of diseases as it lowers immunity levels. A doctor may recommend a diet high in complex carbohydrates. 18.5 to 24.99 are considered a normal BMI. A person within this range has the ideal body weight, is healthy, does not fall sick often and may live to be a ripe, old age. However, persons with normal

BMI should consider their waist circumference as this may be a problem later in life. Persons with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight. This requires a proper diet regimen to ensure weight loss to normal levels and exercise. Persons within this range are at risk of illnesses and of becoming obese. Those with a BMI of 27 to 29.99 are at higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. Persons within the range of 30 to 39.99 are considered obese. If BMI is within the range of 30 to 34.99 a person is at very high risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes and other illnesses. The risk is higher if the waist circumference is higher than normal. A person with a BMI in the range of 35 to 39.99 significantly increases the risk of heart related diseases, and this may be fatal. These persons require obesity treatment with dramatic life style changes. A BMI of 40 or more is known as morbid obesity and require immediate medical attention to assist in decreasing the health risks.

The BMI calculator is the most effective method of obtaining a person’s body mass index. Understanding a person’s BMI helps when planning diets and exercise plans to ensure proper health. By using a BMI calculator regularly to keep track of the body mass, a person can be well aware of the exercise and diet control needing to be self imposed, so that a normal BMI does not go in to unhealthy levels, with weight creeping up on you.

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